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In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body - Joseph Pilates

This bio doesn't start with any past formal movement training; no dance, no gymnastics and no other athletics. In fact, Hannah would sit out of any school gym class she could get away with, and owes many PE teachers an apology. As an adult Hannah tried a variety of exercise classes, but after her first Pilates session it was clear this was different than anything she'd tried before. Movement was suddenly interesting and purposeful; not just for the body, but also for the mind. Although she didn't know it then, this would start her journey of becoming an unlikely Pilates Instructor.

Working as a Hotel General Manager, Hannah started practicing Pilates for some 'escape time' from her hectic schedule. Although it started because she needed an hour to turn off her cell phone, it quickly became clear there were other benefits! Pilates aided in the relief of her lower back pain, increased body awareness, made for an all round better mood, and prepared her body for a journey she didn't yet know she would take. After practicing Pilates for 2 years Hannah decided to take her body and mind down a path she never expected – pregnancy. Nothing unusual here, right? Well........

Hannah's pregnancy was as a surrogate. Although she has never wanted children of her own, it’s not hard to empathize with those who struggle with infertility. She gave birth via C-section to a baby girl in October 2015. Although surrogacy in Canada is altruistic Hannah will tell you it wasn't all selfless. There are health benefits that come with having had a baby. Plus, she saw friends and family having babies and thought maybe she was missing out on the fun of pregnancy. In hindsight Hannah was admittedly naive about the impact a pregnancy would have on her body. She feels lucky to have experienced pregnancy without having the real work of raising a child. So much respect and admiration goes out to all you Moms! Although unintended, Pilates was vital in preparing Hannah's body for pregnancy and aiding her quick recovery post abdominal surgery. 

While recovering, and during a Pilates class, it was mentioned that there was a teacher training school just an hour away. For the first time ever Hannah couldn't wait for a Pilates class to end so she could get to a computer and find out more. What she found was an 850 hour certification at the only accredited Pilates School in Canada. Wow! That was March and by May she was in Canmore for her first day at Embody School of Pilates. Making the leap from a high level Hospitality Professional to Pilates Instructor wasn't taken lightly, but there was no doubt that following her Pilates passion was a path that must be explored. Pilates would be the catalyst for not only a career change, but the push she needed to return home to Woodstock, NB after spending 10 years living in Cochrane, Alberta. 

Hannah has completed all levels from beginner to advanced of her classical certification on all apparatus - Mat, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Ladder barrel and many miscellaneous pieces invented by Joseph Pilates. Her training was extensive, taking almost a year from start to finish. Included in the 850 hour certification was self practice, lessons, practice teaching, and observation hours, ensuring each student will EMBODY the movements.

Hannah looks forward to teaching classes or private lessons and passing on her love of the Pilates method in a fun, encouraging environment. She knows from personal experience how Pilates can ease lower back pain, aid in proper alignment, and help the body recover after a major surgery. It might even change your life :)

Getting started can be the hard part; you show up and we’ll work together to ‘return you to life!’ 

Always a big smile when it's break time!

Always a big smile when it's break time!


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