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"Teaches with Compassion and humour"

"Hannah teaches with compassion and humour; always pushing you to get that little extra in your own Pilates practice. She is able to break down each step of a move; providing good visual cues, for you to achieve successful execution of the move - for me that was the TEASER. Hannah teaches a vibrant Pilates class that benefits all levels of experience and ability. Her passion for Pilates comes through. Hannah I wish you much success with your own studio.

Your students are the lucky ones!"     

- Anne P.

Teaser using the Long Box on the Reformer.

"Arthritis in my back"

"Pilates was recommended by my chiropractor to work on my core strength for the arthritis in my back. After practicing Pilates for only a few months (as I continue taking classes) I feel stronger and the pain in my back has decreased. Wanting to add to the equipment classes I was taking twice a week I signed up for Hannah's mat class. Hannah is a wonderful instructor; she is patient and teaches to her students abilities while encouraging progress. My Pilates practice has advanced so much faster because I added this class.

I thoroughly enjoy Hannah's class!"

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Nancy H.

"I feel Pilates offers me a chiropractor, massage therapist, and exercise trainer all in one, for much less money! "

"I have tried so many exercise methods over the years – aerobics, swimming, running, jazzercise, yoga, fitness classes, weights, training machines, etc. and I never liked any of them enough to incorporate them into my lifestyle. I just kept searching, trying one exercise regime after another until I found Pilates. As an older woman, I know that flexibility and strength are important if I want to remain active, healthy, and injury free, and Pilates has provided this beyond my expectations. This summer I even went 4 times a week!

Pilates is based on sound physiological knowledge of how the body works, and the fundamentals of building core strength. It offers as much challenge as you want, and there is always the inspiration of gaining more understanding of your own body and its needs. I leave feeling so much better, and am never bored. I recommend Pilates to everyone, and even nag my mom and sister to find Pilates where they live. The small class sizes provide lots of individual attention, which is missing in larger exercise classes. Workshops and private sessions encourage fine tuning and personal growth. I feel Pilates offers me a chiropractor, massage therapist, and exercise trainer all in one, for much less money!

Try Pilates! You won’t regret it."

 - Lynn M.

Front Split Standing on the Reformer. Amazing balance!

"Challenges her clients at all levels"

"Hannah's enthusiasm for Pilates is catchy. She keeps her classes interesting while also engaging with her clients. She challenges her clients at all levels by modifying the exercise to meet each clients physical needs.  You always get individual attention even in group classes and feel that you got a great workout.  Hannah’s warm and cheerful personality contributes to making exercise enjoyable."

- Karen G.

"Pilates is the best part of my day!"

"Pilates is the best part of my day! Just to get moving and help your body the way Pilates lets you do is amazing. Especially after a long day at school."

- Megan L.

"Last, but not least, is the amazing feeling of being lighter after a Pilates session"

"For me, Pilates increased my self awareness and improved my posture. At first, it's important to be precise with the movements under the watchful eye of your instructor, but now I'm able to take ownership and work on correcting my imbalances with a mental checklist during my sessions (Is my chest open? Am I holding any tension? Am I breathing fully? What are my ribs doing? and any other questions you might have for your own body). After a Pilates class you will feel that your spine is longer, more flexible, and you walk like you are an inch or two taller. Last, but not least, is the amazing feeling of being lighter after a Pilates session."

- Monica B.