Think Pilates only happens on the Mat?

Take another look, we've got specialized equipment to help you get the most out of your sessions. The mat work and equipment work compliment each other. Did you know there are over 500 Classical Pilates exercises? It's true.

Don't worry we won't cover them all on day one!

Long Stretch on the Reformer. With Private sessions and small class sizes we are always close to help you 'find' the movement!

The Spine Corrector - Yup it does exactly what it sounds like!

Try a props class; meet the Magic Circle!

Neo setup here for Rolling like a Ball.

Tendon Stretch on the Reformer.

The Wunda Chair - WOW! Great control Dani!


We use some props on the Mat - Foam Rollers challenge balance!


Teaser time! We do Teaser on the Mat, Wunda Chair, Tower and Reformer. Not to worry, there are always modifications and this isn't expected on day one but could be a Pilates goal ;)


Neo getting some space in between his ribs! Do you sit all day? This can be an amazing side opener.


Side Lying Leg Series on the Mat.. Look at that reach!


Roll Up

Neck Pull


Neo finding length in his spine on the Wunda Chair.

Props Class - we might use the magic circle, foam roller or both!


The Reformer is so versatile. You can sit, lie down, put your hands or feet in the straps and even stand on the carriage!

The trick to Neck Pull is pressing your head into your hands and your hands into your head. That's the oppositional energy we look for in Pilates!